Budget Long Term Car Rentals and Hire Service in Singapore

Looking to rent a vehicle in Singapore? We can help you book the ideal set of wheels for your preferred getaway or destination, be it a corporate location or vacation spot. Our range of luxury cars, sports vehicles, SUVs and sedans will meet all your long term car rental needs and requirements. They will provide you with an enjoyable driving as well as travelling experience. Our fleet of cars are also equipped with the latest technological features to facilitate a superior drive. They receive regular maintenance and servicing to ensure that they are always performing at maximum capacity.

Long term car rental packages

Do you need to hire a vehicle for an extended period? At Singapore Car Rental, we provide long term car rentals to corporate clients and private users. Whether you are on a temporary work placement or a prolonged sabbatical, we can provide you with a vehicle to suit your needs and preferences.

Our hire company rents out a wide range of cars and multi-purpose vehicles for month-long periods. As our valued customers, we go above and beyond to cater to your every need. Our rates offer great value for money, with prices decreasing the longer you utilise our services. We offer flexible packages that include unlimited mileage and servicing. Furthermore, if you are experiencing car troubles at any point during your lease, we will immediately provide you with an alternative vehicle. With regards to service, quality and value, Singapore Car Rental are the No.1 choice comes to long term rentals.

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If you would like to book a vehicle or find out more about our flexible packages, please feel free to give us a call on (+65) 6858 0166. For last-minute, after-hour enquiries, you can get in touch by calling (+65) 9690 2887.